Getting ready to make a change

Recently I decided that I needed to get myself into gear and start doing things to actually help myself. One of these days I would like to get myself a pottery wheel and do what I sincerely love, but for now, I need to make the money to do that. So I'm getting ready to … Continue reading Getting ready to make a change

All the work you don’t see

I'm not sure about you, but I'm fairly new to the whole, "making things in the hopes of selling them" thing. Because I am a novice, I'm learning things as I go, and learning that these things take a lot of effort and time. At least when you're already trying to put them into your … Continue reading All the work you don’t see

My new art came in!!

I ordered a few pieces of art a few days ago and both of them came in yesterday! They're perfect and I'm super excited to share them today! First up is this lovely one by Benjamin Brockman. If you're looking for something that is unique and just the right amount of creepy I highly suggest … Continue reading My new art came in!!

Spring Cleaning in a Week

I have no idea if I'm actually going to be able to pull this off, but I'm going to give it the old college try. Starting yesterday, I no longer have a job. Hopefully that's a temporary situation, but rather than immediately jump into trying to find another gig, I decided I was going to … Continue reading Spring Cleaning in a Week

Getting the most out of an e-design service

There are a number of companies and individuals offering virtual design these days. With better rendering technology that is both easier to use and more budget friendly, it's an easy option for a lot of designers. Larger design companies usually have a designer that you'll likely never actually talk to creating your design for you … Continue reading Getting the most out of an e-design service