Trying out a Keto Diet

Let me begin by saying that I have Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. I also have Hypothyroidism and am pre-diabetic. I know that going gluten free can be helpful when dealing with all of these situations, but I had not really done much digging into Keto until it was suggested to a mother in a facebook group who was asking for help with her son. A little bit of digging around on the internet said that it can be helpful, but of course this isn’t a forever diet. Weight loss is the main goal honestly, because weight loss for someone like me has been proven to help with all of the current medical problems I have.

I determined that I would give this a try for a month. I sincerely hope that I can stick with it, but we will see. In order to help myself see this through a little bit easier we decided to also cook our way through at least one cookbook. We chose Well Fed Weeknights and Well Fed Weeknights 2 by Mel Joulwan. We were gifted the first book by my sister in law, and she lent us the second one when I mentioned the plan for our diet. My sweet husband has agreed to participate for the first week and has even allowed me to calculate all of his macros for him. If he decides its not for him, we agreed that we can modify some elements of the diet to make it easier for him but still keep it keto for me. We went through both cookbooks and picked which recipes we wanted to go ahead and try since there are obviously recipes that don’t appeal to one or both of us in the books. I wrote out a menu for each week and plan to use the first week to determine what side items we might prefer and whether or not left overs from dinners will be sufficient enough for lunches throughout the week. I then went through and wrote out shopping lists based on what I know I generally have on hand and what will be needed for each week’s recipes. This means I’m less likely to give in to doing less than what I plan because of time or not knowing what I need for each week. I hope that taking all of this time to lay things out will help me stick to everything and be more successful.

We also went through some of the recipes and decided we did not need nearly as much meat as the recipe called for. I’m a little bit on the fence about going back to eating red meat again, because it’s not something that I eat very often, but I’m sure if it isn’t agreeing with me by the end of the first week I can make some changes and switch back over to ground turkey or chicken. We went grocery shopping today to get all of the items on the first grocery list and the only thing I couldn’t find was allspice, which is baffling to me but okay. I was expecting this particular grocery bill to come out a little bit higher because we would be purchasing some staple items that we don’t normally have on hand that we shouldn’t need to repurchase in the next few weeks. Two hundred dollars later, and we have a fridge crammed full of veggies and a little bit of meat. I would also like to share that I only have one head of cauliflower in my fridge. Because I cannot bear the idea of replacing everything with cauliflower or having it at every meal. Variety is the easiest way to keep things from getting super boring.

I will keep you guys posted as to how things are going at the end of week one (or maybe in the middle of week one if I’m struggling). If you have any advice or helpful recipes for side dishes or snacks, please share. I’m always grateful for suggestions and help.

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