New possibilities and customizing a rental

New possibilities and customizing a rental

We signed a new lease a few days ago. We love the house that we are going to be moving into, but it's not your typical rental. This one has lots of color. Not quite colors I would have chosen, but colors that I believe I can live with. There are a few things that [...]

Settling In

Almost a month has passed since we moved. It's surreal that it hasn't been that long but it feels like we have been here for quite a while. We have been getting accustomed to the area and the people, and just daily life in general. For the first few weeks that we were here we [...]

Two Days

Two days. That's all the time that I have left in this house. In this town. In this state. I'm beginning to be hit with all of the emotions. I know that forcing ourselves to make a change, and a big one at that, will do us good. It will help us grow as people [...]