Let’s Create a Space You’ll Love

What level of help would you like?

Getting your space perfected isn’t the same for every person. Maybe you need a completely fresh start, or maybe you just need help coming up with the perfect arrangement for your artwork. We are here to help you at whatever level you need, without charging you for things you don’t.

Color Selection

Need help pulling together the perfect color scheme? This service is great when you just need a tiny bit of help making sure you have colors and materials that work well together. Beginning at $30, price dependent upon amount of colors or materials needed.

Single Furniture Piece

Searching for the perfect entry bench? Or maybe a console table to bring use to an empty space? With this service we can find you the perfect piece that compliments your home. Beginning at $60, price dependent upon items needed.

Room Refresh

This option is perfect for when you want a new look without having to purchase all new furniture. New accessories and art, combined with a new arrangement can work wonders. Beginning at $65 dependent upon the size of the room.

Floor Plan

Perfect for when you just can’t figure out how to arrange the space you have with the furniture you have. Perfect for before moving to a new place or just for optimizing your current space. Beginning at $65 depending upon the size of the space.

Single Room

Sometimes we just struggle with one particular space, or we aren’t sure if having a designer help is really the way for us. This options is great for singular needs or giving a designer a test run. Beginning at $65 depending upon the size of the space.

Whole Home

Having your home put together by a designer can give you a cohesive space that is suited to how you live your life. Beginning at $175 depending upon the size of the space and number of rooms required.

Have something in between? Reach out and let us know what you’re wanting to have done and we will work with you to find the right product and price for you!

Let’s make something beautiful together.