Finally putting together Level’s room

We moved in months ago. And like most people, we did as much as we could in a short period of time and then we kind of had to get back to life. Given that we are both working from home, we pretty much crammed as much of our unpacking, projects, and settling into the small amounts of time between work as we could. We always knew that we would be repainting Level’s room because it looked like the previous tenant had installed adjustable shelving in the room and there were holes everywhere. We liked the blue color that was there when we moved in, but the landlord actually wasn’t a fan of the color and requested we paint it the same color as the living room and our bedroom. If you don’t recall that color, we used Sherwin Williams Alpaca in a Satin Finish. I love this color so I have absolutely no complaints about that.

Previous paint color when we took the carpet up before moving everything in.

I started painting on Friday, I think. I had every intention of taking it slow and just fitting in painting around our other weekend activities and that did not happen. I started painting and realized how frustrating it is to clean brushes and store wet rollers until you have a chance to use them, and I just didn’t want to deal with it. So we did what everyone else does but doesn’t like to admit. We moved most everything to the middle of the room and painted everything.

The ungodly mess of everything.

I don’t know about your thoughts on kids rooms, but ours has always been a little undersized or had to be a multipurpose space. We didn’t have a space that was uniquely Level and that was mostly okay because she was still so young. We did, however, put a bed in this space that is big enough that we can have company over to spend the night, but they’re going to have to sleep under a comforter with skateboarding raccoons. After spending part of one evening and then Saturday painting as quickly as I could, I spent Sunday and Monday putting things back together. For me, and my frustration with the number of toys my child has, this meant pulling all of her toys out and boxing up a lot of them to be rotated in at a later date. I also boxed up some of the ones that I knew she had outgrown, or at least I tried my best. Ryan kept coming into the room and saying things like, “awww, we had so much fun playing with that one yesterday.” It was not helpful, but it was super cute.

Once I was sure that the paint was dry, I moved all the larger furniture pieces into place and set about planning where artwork would go in the space. I spent part of Friday chatting on the phone with a friend and putting together a wall hanging that used ceramic feathers I had made years ago, some driftwood I found when we moved here, and some wooden beads. I’m not in love with it just yet, but every time I mess with it I like it a little bit more. I then realized that my favorite pieces couldn’t be hung in the grouping that I wanted, so I got in contact with another friend in hopes that she could help me find the artist so I could get one more piece. I love supporting local artists not just because it helps your local economy and small artists, but it also means that if you have something else you want later, you can find them to make it happen. So eventually I got in touch with Alexandra Brodt to get us another piece for our set. That is why you will see a blank piece of art in the grouping of six above the head of the bed. The blue rug will also be leaving to find another place in the house in a few days when our ridiculously cheap Ikea rug shows up.

I also need to figure out another larger piece of artwork for above her bookcase. Currently the space is being held by an adorable garland that was brought back for us from Japan, but I would like to make her something a bit larger to balance out the bookcase below. I have had lots of sets of small pieces of artwork for her room and they just don’t feel quite right in this room. We got things rearranged and put back in and shortly after the big pieces were in place, Level tested out the bed by taking herself a much needed nap.

Her taking a nap was the perfect opportunity for me to really attack the toys, which I was super thankful for. Every time we tried to start sorting toys she wanted to play with everything we touched or that she saw. I had just enough time to get those things taken care of and the toys to be rotated back in hauled down to the basement. Once she woke up we finished putting up artwork and took photos of the new space. Now, I will say, that this space looks like it absolutely would not function for a little kids room because it looks like there isn’t much storage space. But the bed frame sits up 14″ off the floor so we have a few small baskets under there with dress up clothes, spare stuffed animals, and then one for dolls. The rest got put in the closet. But not like shoved into the closet. One of the things I love about this house is that the closets are fairly deep. I wouldn’t classify them as walk in closets because they really aren’t spacious enough for that, but they definitely give you extra space.

We have two Raskog carts from Ikea and several of their Kuggis boxes with lids to store musical toys, play doctor toys, play doh, art supplies, and other small toys. The rest of the shelves hold a few of the larger toys we kept upstairs in her room. There’s even enough space in the back that once I got the rest of the house cleaned up, I stored her stroller back there. Since getting this all taken care of she has enjoyed making play pancakes for dad and her stuffed animals, and we have been really working hard on trying to get her to understand that when we are done with one toy we put it away before moving on to the next. I sincerely hope that I can teach her this early so it isn’t a struggle for her later like it is for me.

So there you go. One more space in the house done and put together. I’m quite happy with how it turned out and can’t wait for the final finishing touches.

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