I may be getting too old for this

We have been in Oklahoma for the past week visiting family. We got back yesterday and knew that we needed to hit the ground running on removing carpet and painting at the new house. At the very least we wanted to get the bedroom painted because the dark purple walls just wasn’t really our style. It was a beautiful color, but I’m past the days where I want a super dark color in my bedroom. We have permission from our landlord to paint the bedrooms and the living room as well as removing the carpet that was in the hallway and bedrooms. I do not advise that you undertake any of this if you are a renter, without getting your landlords permission beforehand. We had to have color approval as well as we had to agree to replace the carpet when we move out if it needs it.

In case you’ve forgotten, the above photo is of what will be our bedroom. The walls are royal purple and the flooring has a unique floral carpet, that honestly, kind of grows on you after a while because it is so unique. I’m not a carpet person after having super bad experiences with them in rent houses and about two years of constantly having sinus infections thanks to one house. Our landlord had warned us that there was not “good wood floors” beneath the carpet, but I had pulled up the floor vents and pulled back the carpet a bit and saw that it was at least real wood floors and not plywood subfloor. We decided to leave the carpet down while we were painting so we didn’t have to worry about drop cloths.

We started with a generous coat of Zinsser primer at the request of our landlord, and because primer helps out a lot when covering dark colors. We also had the help of the little one. I was kind of hesitant to let her help at first, but once I realized that she couldn’t ruin the carpet, and the trim needs to be repainted anyways, I let her go for it. She actually did really well, surprisingly. She was really bad at not painting herself and the trim though. After the primer dried (we only did one coat of primer), we put on two coats of Sherwin Williams Alpaca. I was absolutely in love with this color before, but didn’t sent it to my landlord because I didn’t know how well it would work with the colors of the fireplace. When she went to look at colors she actually messaged me and asked if I would consider using Alpaca, which received no argument from me.

Here’s where our first coat of paint was drying and you can obviously see the little ones great painting technique on the trim. Once that was done we came back and did a quick second coat and then I started working on pulling up the carpet. Tack strip is the devil, guys. I seriously hate it. I got through half of the room before Ryan came in and said it was time to call it a day. We didn’t just work on this room today. Between the two of us, we got the carpet in the hallway pulled, the carpet in Level’s room taken up, and then Ryan mowed the yard (which was about as tall as level because the landlord didn’t mow the front before handing over the keys.) Needless to say, we are tired. I also spent some time unpacking as many boxes as I could while I was waiting for paint to dry, explored the backyard a bit (which helped me stop Ryan from mowing over a big patch of mint and oregano that was graciously not mowed over previously), and cleaned some. As a quick note to anyone in a rental, if you’re using shelf paper, remove that crap before you leave. I think I could frame the previous tenant for murder by the amount of hair I found in the bathroom shelf paper where they obviously stored their razor, and that’s just gross.

At the end of the day, this is the flooring that was underneath the bedroom carpet, and I’m really loving how well it works with the Alpaca paint. I’m also now trying to figure out how to remove oil based primer from skin because both level and I are covered in paint splatters. Her more than me because she definitely touched a roller to the side of her face when she was playing around. She’s a happy camper about it all though and had a ton of fun helping out.

This is how she chose to pose. It’s equal parts cute and awkward.
The hallway flooring after removing the carpet.
The flooring in levels room after we removed the carpet

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