Week Four, Finished!

Done! I have made it through an entire four weeks of tracking, not cheating, and eating keto. I’m down 12 pounds (which isn’t much to some, but 12 pounds in a month isn’t bad in my opinion.) I had expressed in my last post that I might be extending until right before I leave for my trip, but I have decided after speaking with my doctor, to go ahead and stop right now and pick back up after the trip. I want to be prepared for if there are any issues reintroducing carbs so I can handle them in the comfort of my own home rather than while traveling. I’m looking forward to eating a regular cookie and I already told my husband I was going to annihilate a bag of rainier cherries.

This week for dinners we made the following recipes:

  • Italian Pork Roast
  • Czech Meatballs
  • Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers from Delish
  • Barbecue Waffle Sandwiches
  • Birchbenders Pancakes and Sausage

You may notice that’s not that many days. Yeah….. I got lazy this week on days that we had a lot to do. So we did a pizza night one night with Quest Pizza for me (I tried the Supreme flavor this time) and on another night we got Five Guys and I got myself a burger bowl. This week was pretty much meh for everything above. I’m making the Barbecue waffle sandwiches tonight using chaffles, and the barbecue isn’t bad though. I am also super shocked by chaffles. I read about them, and laughed thinking how could that possibly taste like a waffle, but when you haven’t had a waffle in a while and are craving one, these absolutely satisfy that craving. I made savory ones and a sauce to go with the czech meatballs and then later ended up trying out a recipe for churro chaffles. I hate churros but I figured it would basically be a cinnamon sugar waffle and I was right. It was pretty great.

I’m sad I didn’t think of putting anything next to it for scale but this is an itty bitty pancake I made so the little one could have small pancakes.

I wasn’t really impressed with the Birchbenders Pancake mix, but I’m sure it could possibly be better if I cooked them longer. I don’t plan on trying to figure that out though. I don’t really like pancakes on a regular day, but I figured since they weren’t traditional pancakes maybe I would like them. I mean, I absolutely love the gluten free pancakes from Cup 4 Cup so I thought it would be worth a shot. I was also not impressed with the Supreme Pizza from Quest. Not because it wasn’t good, but because the amount of ingredients made the crust texture a bit different than the pepperoni pizza I had before. Things I did try this week that I liked: Lily’s Salted Caramel Extra Dark Chocolate, and Justin’s Cinnamon Almond Butter. I’m not sure if the almond butter fits into the keto category but holy crap I could eat that stuff all day. I guess I just really love cinnamon.

Besides all of that fun stuff, I am super excited about this next week because I am going to be figuring out ways to use our first CSA box. We picked it up yesterday and there are so many great things in it. We had a CSA when we were in Oklahoma and it was disappointing to say the least. We ended up getting a partial refund because they ended up getting pretty much ruined half way through the season. Before that, most of what we got was squash, okra, and a few tomatoes. This is completely different though. Fresh lettuces, radishes, carrots, bok choy, kohlrabi, and more! I’m planning on trying a recipe for garlic roasted radishes for my final night of Keto eating. I’m also considering making kohlrabi chips. That’s something I definitely missed on this diet and am hoping to find ways other than roasted seaweed to alleviate that craving. We shall see what comes of it all, but it’s glorious to have all of these fresh veggies from local sources and I like the challenge it presents for coming up with recipes.

A final note, I mentioned briefly that I had talked to my doctor about the keto diet. My doctor is not recommending me away from the keto diet, just not for long term use. I’ve been given varying information as to how long you should stay on the keto diet and she said for me personally she would feel best if I try to cycle off of it every six weeks. Take a few days and add in some carbs. If you’re starting any sort of diet that is going to be a drastic change and you have various health conditions, talking to your doctor is absolutely the best thing you can do. Mine ended up going off on a tangent about how great the produce is up here and the fruit and how eating locally and seasonally is also great to do. I’ll let you guys know if I gain all 12 pounds back after vacation.

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