Preparing to part with furniture

I have this coffee table. It’s original and was purchased new by my grandmother and grandfather. It was gifted to my parents when their marriage was new, and stayed in our household for forever. When I was younger I came across it and asked if I could use it in my room. From the time I was about nine or ten, until I graduated high school, this table served as my makeup station, place where I displayed some of my knick knacks, was the home to my lava lamp, and just in general was a well loved piece of furniture. I once used it to display items when I was having a garage sale and a man approached me and asked if he could purchase it. I told him it wasn’t for sale. With my mother standing next to me, the man offered me 200 dollars for it. I smiled and said thanks but no thanks while my mother looked at me like I was a bit crazy. He then asked if he could at the very least take it and refinish it for me since the original finish was peeling off and in bad shape. I again said thanks but no thanks since I was worried that I would never see it again. I love this coffee table. It got sanded down and painted by my dad once I moved out. My little sister used it for herself, and then when my relationship with my boyfriend crashed and burned and I moved back home, I selfishly reclaimed it. We got in an argument one day about a decade later about it and we decided to look it up on google to see if I could find her one. Turns out these babies are not cheap and you can’t find them very easily, if at all. Mine in specifics is a Heywood Wakefield M335g Atomic Cocktail Table.

Mine looks like this one, except this one is not my photo. It came from a google search. To be honest I think mine looks a little better but it is currently being used by a toddler for important work. I did strip down and refinish mine as close as I could possibly get to the original finish without paying for one of the pricey finish kits they have out there. Then people started sending me links and posts about Heywood Wakefield furniture for sale and I ended up with two end tables that don’t match, two corner tables (one that I currently use and one that is completely stripped and disassembled right now), and a drop leaf dining table that I rescued. We are moving to a new house if all goes according to plan, and the kitchen in the new place is not big enough to house this table and it doesn’t really work very well with half of it folded down in my opinion. It just looks a little off. So we made the decision that we would rather see someone else love it and appreciate it instead of putting it in storage and letting it collect dust.

It was in pretty rough shape when we picked it up but it’s looking a lot better these days. We decided to post it on facebook market to see how that works out. If it doesn’t I might turn to sites like chairish to see if I would have better luck there. I hate to part with it after all the love I gave it, but again. It needs a loving home and deserves better than storage. I think that’s one of the problems with being an interior designer sometimes. I’m most likely never going to have a massive house to fill with carefully curated pieces, so I sometimes have to say goodbye to the ones I love. I believe I might possibly have a friend who still has a chartreuse chair that I loved so dearly I cried when he offered to take it and give it a good home. It was a supremely cool piece of furniture that I sometimes still wish I had. As for my beloved coffee table, I will never part with that. It will most likely be passed onto my child with a plea that she take good care of it and never get rid of it. Funny how the things I have to pass down to her from my family members are a coffee table, a lawn jockey, and a metronome. Rather random, but all interesting pieces to have.

Do you have a piece of furniture that you absolutely love and can’t imagine parting with? I would love to hear about it or even see photos. Maybe I’m not the only one with emotional attachments to furniture.

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