Bring on week three!

It’s the end of week two of dieting and I’m still doing pretty great with it. I’ve kept myself within 20 net carbs every single day and I’ve made some horrible cupcakes to try out some of the keto baking recipes. I’m also down ten pounds total since starting so that is nice as well. These are the recipes we used this week from Well Fed Weeknights 1 and 2:

  • Taj Mahal Chicken with simple lemon spinach
  • Fiesta Pork Chops with Roasted Cabbage Roses
  • Shepherd’s Pie
  • Thai Basil Beef with broccoli
  • Faux Pho
  • Oven Fried Salmon Cakes
Fiesta Pork Chops with Roasted Cabbage Roses

My absolute favorite of all of these were the Fiesta Pork Chops. They had tons of flavor and were just good all around. The Cabbage roses were great as well, but next go round we will be doubling the amount of seasonings because we believe it would be helpful. As it is they have a hint of the flavor here and there but are mostly just hot cabbage flavor. Which, if you love hot cabbage, great! If not, more seasoning will definitely help. The salmon cakes were really good but one serving is not keto friendly at all thanks to sweet potatoes being mashed up in there. We will try them again without the sweet potato though. The Taj Mahal Chicken will most likely never get made again, unfortunately. It just didn’t really have flavors that I was hoping for, but that’s okay. The Thai Basil Beef was super filling and the Shepherd’s Pie (or ours was considered a Cottage Pie because we subbed lamb for ground beef) was fantastic once you got used to the texture. Both of those will be keepers once this experiment is over.

Thai Basil Beef with shadows thanks to my husband deciding to block my light and my inability to be rude and shoo him away. He was hungry.

I know that’s only six meals, but on Sunday we decided to treat the little one with pizza and I got myself a ridiculously awesome Salmon Caesar Salad. Like, it was so good that I wasn’t even slightly jealous of the fact that my husband was sitting in front of me eating pizza. I kind of wanted a little bit of a treat as well as to experiment a bit with baking. So I looked up a keto cupcake recipe and decided to go for it. Then I started looking into meringue buttercream recipes because they are superior (fight me,) and I figured their butter to sugar ratio was a bit better for a keto diet. First recipe I tried I threw the egg whites and sugar away. Second one I tried was more akin to a French Meringue instead of a swiss or Italian, and I was committed so I just kept going even when it didn’t look that great. When it just wouldn’t come together, I realized I was trying to make chocolate buttercream so I threw in some cocoa powder and boom. Problem solved. It’s not as lovely and fluffy as a normal meringue buttercream, but it is acceptable and still way better than the dense powdered sugar based frostings. When combined with the cupcakes, I was super thankful I had managed to make good buttercream otherwise the whole thing would be in the trash. The cupcakes were not even really sweet, a bit more on the salty side, and just overall weirdly dense and awful. There was just enough lightness to trick you into thinking it was okay and then all of a sudden you had this sneak attack of denseness that was just not good. So I’m sure in the next few days I’m going to treat it like some people treat muffins and only eat the very top with some frosting. To make it feel like I’m not just eating frosting, which is essentially what I would rather do.

So much cuter than they tasted.

For the sake of not crapping on the recipe of another blogger, I’m not going to post where I found the recipe. It could be a difference in sweeteners, the alignments of the planets, or maybe I stepped into a fairy ring or something. Either way, it’s not their fault. When I worked at a restaurant we had a cookie recipe that worked out amazingly for one of the better restaurants out there, but just would not work for us. Different elevations, climates, and so many other things contribute to whether not a recipe will fail. So meh. I’ll try again another day.

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